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M.S.I. Seminole National Republic Trust of the People© MCY 1443-2022   

 All Rights Reserved . Copyright© 2022 TxU00295310    

وثق جُمْهُورِيَّة وطني سيمينول  لدي عاهل مغاربي

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       Were are a Moorish Sovereign Indigenous Nation for our People Financial Freedom

Doing The Right Thing, At The Right Time.

Home for Properly Declared Moorish Nationals with documented Corrected Status of certified record. Here with M.S.I. Seminole National Republic Trust©, Moorish Nationals in the Americas, as well as abroad, can open trust accounts and conduct commerce in a multitude of global registered currencies. Members can also place in trust, commodities of all kinds, i.e. precious metals. oil & gas leases, art as well as stocks and bonds etc. M.S.I. Seminole National Republic Trust© is here to assist Moorish Nationals in humanitarian aide projects as well as help in establishing a path to generational wealth and economic freedom for Moorish Nationals globally! We are extremely excite to extend this helping hand in the values of: Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice and most importantly Equality! We hope that you accept our invitation to join the Familia here at M.S.I. Seminole National Republic Trust©, as we strive to build stability by Uplifting Fallen Humanity...Inshallah! 

We at the Seminole National Republic Trust  over-stand the struggles of our people (Moslems/ Muslims) in the system that was design to keep us in perpetual servitude. And the importance  of  uplift fallen Humanity .We where a Nation of Tribes and Societies. No one stood alone. We are here to help set a  course correction for the Moorish Diaspora by Divine Creed. Like the our Prophet Muhammad, Honorable Prophet Noble Drew Ali ( Peace be with them ) has stated that in order for a Nation to Survive and Strive it need finances.  We as a Nation  leading our people out of poverty and into financial freedom. Not only do we offer financial freedom but we can assist you with you claiming you Nationality and Status Correction. It all runs hand and hand with the instruction our forefathers and foremothers left us. For we walk in the path of of Ancestors. Islamic Law& Finances were there way of Life. We  work with team of experts on every level to assure you and your Declared Indigenous Moorish Tribal  Nations & Societies  are successful.

The Freedmen's Bureau & Freedman's Bank was established March of 1865 a month before the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln on April 14, 1865 for the so called "Freed Black Slaves". But that is a furthest from the Truth. The Indigenous(Moslems/Muslims) People of the the Al Maghrib al Aqsa ( America) were "Prisoner's of War" on there own lands being occupied under military forces.  

The Indigenous People(Moslems/Muslims) of the Al Maghib al Aqsa( America) has never given up there dreams of once again  having financial freedom within their own  lands. It is because of us tha​t many enjoy the commonwealth. For we still come in Love, Peace, Truth, Freedom & Justice as our Forefathers and Foremothers did in the past. I would like to thank everyone that made this dream happen again for us.

Our Mission